Viva Cuban Flair!

Here at Brooklyn we are constantly looking for new and exciting themes …Something that sets us apart from the crowd.  We can often be sanitised by cool European influences but there are those amongst us who look for warmer and colourful choices…No better place to look than the Caribbean and resplendent Cuba.

Rich Umber tones
Rich Umber tones
Glorious Spearmint Green
Glorious Spearmint Green

Pastel tones, classic American cars, wooden verandas…the very zest for life hangs in the air of old Havana.

Vibrant Colours to add real character
Vibrant Citrus Yellow, Lime Green, Fuchsia Pink and Denim Blue

Lush turquoises…deep corals…and colonial architecture at its very best. There is no such thing as too much colour in Cuba.

Rich earthy tones and traditional patterned tiles
Rich earthy tones and traditional vintage style patterned tiles

If you are looking to combine retro charm with vibrant colours…we have it all at Brooklyn.

Cornflower Blue Island
Relaxed charm in Cornflower Blue