The BORA effect

BORA Tepan

Open-plan living is top of most people’s wish list when it comes to new homes or renovations…but how to avoid filling your home with cooking odours and infusing soft furnishings with layer upon layer of vapour, heavy with grease? No one likes to walk into a home that smells of last night’s dinner!

There are lots of extraction options available but most come with a compromise…inefficiency, poor extraction, high energy consumption and of course noise…not what you need in an open-plan kitchen.

Born of one man’s frustration with these limitations, the BORA hob is a revolutionary, award winning system combining high specification hobs with in-built extraction for maximum performance.

Like the best design, the BORA concept is simple…place the extraction as close as possible to the source of odours and vapours. The benefits are clear:

  • Fresh air – the further vapours travel before they are drawn off, the more odour and grease are distributed around the room. The BORA systems works efficiently as close as possible to the source of vapours and odours.

BORA Induction Professional

  • Clear View – no annoying head-height extractor hoods giving you complete freedom in the design of your kitchen. Whats more, the compact design takes up no more space than a single cutlery drawer.

BORA Tepan

  • Noise – noise means stress. With low-noise motors located within the kitchen cabinet, sound absorbers combine with perfect sound attenuation making cooking a pleasure.
  • Effectiveness – conventional cooker hoods work hard for the effect they produce with more than half of vapours escaping before reaching them. BORA are smart and highly effective, giving a head-height clean air rate of 100%!
  • Easy to clean – most extractors have bulky exteriors and complex angular internals…all of which can make cleaning a nightmare. The BORA system is easy…simply wipe down the hob as usual, remove the central filter and pop it in the dishwasher…no mess, no fuss!
  • Finally BORA products combine beautiful design and high quality materials with a range guaranteed to suit your needs. From elegant induction cooktops to fully customisable domino hobs including gas burners, wok and Tepan plates…it’s easy to create the suite of appliances that meets your needs.


Brooklyn Kitchens are proud to be one of a select group of retailers for BORA cooking systems. Whether specifying as part of a new project or as an addition to your existing kitchen, our Concept Designers are on hand to assist in designing your ideal cooking system for installation or on a supply-only basis. Why not contact us to arrange a cookery demonstration at our Afton House Showroom and see the BORA effect for yourself!