Small is beautiful

Ok…so you don’t have a country pile or a grand townhouse. Your pride and joy is a tad smaller and probably a lot cosier. Most kitchen adverts you see these days extol the virtues of space and light. Fine…if you have that.

At Brooklyn Kitchens we appreciate that people and properties vary greatly and so does the heartbeat of the home…the kitchen

It is truly amazing what you can achieve with a thoughtful and professional approach to kitchen design.

U-Shaped layout High Gloss Cashmere

Cashmere high gloss handless u-shaped kitchen with Corian worktops…back lit with subtle blue glass backdrop.  Entirely functional with classic modern lines.


Ideally suited for compact flatted dwellings…Classic gloss white decors and Dekton complementary work surfaces with reduced height top cabinets…


For those more tradtionally minded…in- frame doors with soild Dekton work surface.  High line glazed top units add that townhouse feel…

Whatever space you have…we have a design to fit…thoughtful and always practical. Come along to our Showroom in Livingston and see for yourself.