Small is beautiful


Ok…so you don’t have a country pile or a grand townhouse. Your pride and joy is a tad smaller and probably a lot cosier. Most kitchen adverts you see these days extol the virtues of space and light. Fine…if you have that. At Brooklyn Kitchens we appreciate that people and properties vary greatly and so
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Giving a little back…

Giving A Little Back

Here at Brooklyn Kitchens we are acutely aware that we are also a part of the wider community.  In these difficult times, local people work hard to provide for those less fortunate and to promote services and opportunities within the community. Our mission statement contains a pledge to return some of our profits back into
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Viva Cuban Flair!

Cuban Life

Here at Brooklyn we are constantly looking for new and exciting themes …Something that sets us apart from the crowd.  We can often be sanitised by cool European influences but there are those amongst us who look for warmer and colourful choices…No better place to look than the Caribbean and resplendent Cuba. Pastel tones, classic
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Spanish Steps…


Here at Brooklyn we are fiercely proud of our commitment to our Independent and holistic engagement with top quality suppliers across Europe. We now add Spain to that list. We are delighted to partner with Cosentino…a company with a worldwide blue chip reputation in supplying innovative surfaces for architecture and kitchen design. Recognisable trade names
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A Dogs Dinner

Brooklyn Kitchens

Planning your dream kitchen can be a bit of a nightmare…If you’re not careful it could end up a dogs dinner That’s why we at Brooklyn listen carefully to our customers and use our considerable experience to make their dreams a reality. We don’t use technicians- trained on a system and driven by limited scope
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It’s all in the detail…


Planning your new kitchen can be a daunting experience. Where do you start? Well…here at Brooklyn Kitchens wouldn’t be a bad place. Most people we see have an idea of what they want…style and maybe colour. Almost without exception they also know how much they want to spend. Our in-house design team will help you
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We Love Danish Cool

Stunningly detailed surfaces  that work throughout the home

The Danes…You instantly think Vikings and free spirit. They are a bit more than that…Fiercely independent and free thinking. That goes with their attitude to lifestyles and furniture in particular. We have discovered an independent manufacturer in the hinterlands of Denmark who specialise in the production of wooden work surfaces…   Spekva  have a love
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Paradise Island?

Simple, Stunning, Practical

Ever thought of your very own paradise island? If you have the space you can create one in your kitchen. More and more we are being asked to design and install island units in existing kitchen spaces. These vary from simple ‘get together areas’ to the provision of functional cooking spaces with cooking appliances and
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The BORA effect

BORA Tepan

Open-plan living is top of most people’s wish list when it comes to new homes or renovations…but how to avoid filling your home with cooking odours and infusing soft furnishings with layer upon layer of vapour, heavy with grease? No one likes to walk into a home that smells of last night’s dinner! There are
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When it’s hot, it’s hot!


Every now and then a ‘vital’ new kitchen appliance comes along which changes the face of cooking.  The Quooker boiling water tap is one of those rare ‘must haves’. This simple and ultra safe idea renders kettles obsolete and takes the availability of instant boiling water a giant leap forward. Not just for making tea…but
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