Brooklyn Kitchens is proud to sponsor Forth 1’s ‘Kid in the Kitchen’

Brooklyn Kitchens is proud to sponsor Forth 1's Kid in the Kitchen

Tune into Forth 1 Kid in the Kitchen

You can hear the best of Boogie in the Morning’s ‘Kid in the Kitchen’ – Hear a kid from Edinburgh, the Lothian’s and Fife telling a funny joke every morning at 7:55.

Listen to these funny jokes from Forth 1’s ‘Kid in the Kitchen’.




Let Brooklyn Kitchens help you to keep your kids safe in the kitchen.

Our kitchen designers are skilled in creating child-friendly dream kitchens. Not only are our stunning kitchens multi-functional, we will also plan the traffic flow to avoid dangerous collisions which reduces the risk of spilling hot liquids.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so why not include a contemporary kitchen island, which also serves as a safe social hub, so you and the kids can spend more family time together – they can be helping you to prepare dinner while you scratch your head helping them with their homework!